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NTB-983G – Senzor de GAZ METAN

Detector de gaz metan NTB-983G

Pret: 450 lei , exclusiv TVA




Wizmart’s NTB-983G-NG and NTB-983G-LG Series Gas Detector
is effective for detecting any buildup of natural gas and
liquefied gas in your residence. The NBT-983G gas detectors
are engineered to perform the following features:
(1) Easy to install. It allows connecting to fire control panel
or security monitoring system.
(2) Monitoring any accidental leaks of natural gas or
liquefied gas in a continuous manner.
(3) Giving a loud alarm (≥ 70 dB) when it detects a buildup
of natural gas.
(4) Self-testing its operative functions continuously.
(5) Offering a 5-year warranty for the natural gas sensing unit.
Either natural gas or liquefied gas has become one of the major
energy sources for our modern life, which has been found its
numerous applications in many sectors such as household,
business, industrial uses and heating systems in the buildings.
At home, we use gas for cooking, drying, heating, and other
purposes. However, any accidental gas leaks into the air may
lead to possible hazards such as fire and explosion, which is
definitely a potential threat to the lose of our lives and household
properties. Most likely sources of leaks come from natural gas
appliances such as heaters, stoves, refrigerators, and furnaces.
Gas leaks from outside or below ground level can also seep into
your home. However, as natural gas builds up, it mixes with
oxygen to produce a mixture that can be combustible and
explosive if it is ignited by a spark or flame. That’s why we
should be more cautious to any accidental leaks of natural gas
or liquefied gas in a continuous manner. The sensor vent port of
the gas detector would allow natural gas to enter the sensor
chamber to be monitored by the sensing circuit built inside.